Custom Keycaps

manufactured by Infinikey™

Designed for mechanical keyboards

Infinikey Valhalla keycaps. DSA Nature Witch keycaps.

Infinikey is a manufacturer of high-quality custom keycaps, designed for mechanical keyboards. From designing the keyset with the perfect colors, fonts, and illustrations, to overseeing the production and fulfillment, Infinikey helps bring your product to life.

Here are the resources needed to help provide your design, whether you're selling in-stock or pre-order products, preparing a special design for your community, or are interested in a collaboration with our main vendor The Key Company.

Infinikey Vanir novelty keycaps.

IFK Vanir Keycaps ⤴

Why Keycaps?

Custom Keycaps Process

  1. First Contact & Discussion

    Get in touch with us. We’ll discuss your vision and goals. Whether you’re only just discovering keycaps and need a full creative partner or you’ve already got a clear idea of what you want and need a hand with bringing it to life, we can support you.

    Based on how you would like to pursue your design, we'll discuss timeline and scope, as well as retail and fulfillment options.

  2. Design & Planning

    We'll dig into the design work and logistical details. We've got an experienced team who will work with you to translate your brand and vision into a physical product.


    • Colors
    • Typography
    • Novelty Icons
    • Accessories (optional)


    • Production schedule
    • Fulfillment options
    • Release plan
  3. Prototyping & Iteration

    Once we've settled on a keyset design, we make a prototype so you can see it for yourself. We'll inspect it for quality, and you'll get to review it and suggest any revisions. If substantial revisions are required, we can manufacture another prototype.

    Prototype lead time: 6 weeks
    Manufacturing lead time: 4–6 months

  4. Launch

    Your product gets released to the world 🎉. Wholesale and retail options will vary depending on what you're looking for.

Portico keyboard render.

DSA Magic Girl keycaps & Portico keyboard - render


Product Design Options

Full keyset.

Complete Keyset

A complete keyset gives you complete creative control over the entire look of a keyset. Customize the font, colors, and design to fit with your vision or brand. We provide you with options of what keys to include so you can get the most compatibility with different keyboards at competitive prices.

Novelty keycaps.

Novelty Keyset

Novelty keycaps are accents that add a pop of color or style to your keyboard. These accent keys are easy to mix and match with a neutral base, and typically include the escape key, spacebar, enter key, and arrow keys, and can feature multiple accent colors.

Coming Soon

Keycaps & Keyboard Bundle

Keycaps only work on a mechanical keyboard, after all. This is a comprehensive keyboard package that bundles together the keycaps with all the parts of a keyboard, so you can use it out of the box.

This option is under development. Get in touch if you'd like to be an early customer.

Diagram of a keyboard.
Render of DSA Magic Girl.

Keycaps 101

What’s in a Keycap?

Keycaps are the plastic caps that cover each keyboard switch on a mechanical keyboard, and bring personality to your keyboard. Whether you want something minimalist or loud, cute or elegant, or anything in between, the customized possibilities are endless.

Infinikey Sanctuary Rebirth keycaps with Tangerine switches.

Mechanical Keyboards 101

Mechanical keyboards are a type of keyboard that use mechanical switches to register keypresses. Each key has its own switch and keycap. Switches vary in how they sound and feel, and changing them is an easy way of customizing your typing experience.

Pictured above: C³Equalz x TKC Tangerine Switches, with IFK Sanctuary Rebirth keycaps.

Closeup of Infinikey Vanir keycaps.

Anatomy of a Keycap

Diagram labeling the legend and sublegend on an alpha keycap.

Infinikey keycaps are made using PBT plastic, a durable, lightly textured plastic. Printing is done via dye sublimation and reverse dye sublimation, which is flexible and allows for printing many colors and complex designs on a single keycap.

Pictured above: IFK Vanir keycaps, featuring gold Nordic sublegends.

Learn more basics at Keyboard University



Infinikey (IFK) was established in 2018 with the goal of providing high-quality and customizable PBT keycaps. Its product development is headed by The Key Company, one of the largest mechanical keyboard vendors.

The Key Company

The Key Company (TKC) serves as the connection between creators and manufacturing. The team works closely with Infinikey on product development, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in keycap design.

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